Design, engineering, equipment fabrication & special machines




TYC SA is proud to support, promote and encourage Germano´s Dakar Team. Our participation in a competition such as DAKAR, is understood by principles and values required for such competition: teamwork, goal setting, solidarity and perseverance which are also the drivers of our daily work. It´s in Andres Germano´s Team, where we find this same philosophy of hard work. For this reason every year, we renew our support and our pride in representing the native pilot of Pedernales city.


Understanding, training of human resources as a vital means of contributing to personal and professional development of staff, TYCS.A. update their knowledge with new techniques and working methods to ensure efficiency. In order to Improve the knowledge of the job at all levels, increasing the speed of decisions to solve problems, fueling confidence, assertive position and development. Generating leaders with communication skills for optimal performance

That is why we keep an active participation on first level Institutions marked with experience and recognition as the Argentine Steel Institute, fostering reciprocal relationships that guarantee continuous learning.


TYC SA was distinguished by the UIA with Carlos Pellegrini Award as one of the companies that invest in people.

Since 1995, as a proposal by the Department of Education, Science and Technology, the Industrial Union of Argentina participated in this award. The purpose of the "Carlos Pellegrini" Award is to stimulate the development of human resources, both internally and at the community level by industrial enterprises, encouraging corporate commitment to staff training, as the Education System as a unit.