Design, engineering, equipment fabrication & special machines


In TYC SA we are convinced that the most important asset is our people; and it is for this reason that we work from the area of ​​human resources firmly and steadily to attract, retain, develop and motivate talent to ensure compliance and overcoming the objectives of the company and its employees.

Thus, we instruct our people, through training programs under, in company or external in prestigious institutions, so they can perform successfully in their jobs.

We ensure that our employees remain highly qualified and committed, by detecting training needs according to the roles, responsibilities and projects by enabling them optimal professional performance. Offering a healthy, safe and motivating for personal and professional development to achieving extraordinary results through teamwork and innovation.

TYCSA promotes and values ​​teamwork, commitment, proactivity and accountability. We understand that these values ​​strengthen individuals and organizations allowing new challenges that contribute to personal, professional and business development.

If you're interested in working with us, we invite you to postulate for the various searches.