Design, engineering, equipment fabrication & special machines

Over 30 years of providing reliable solutions
through our three business units:



The experience gained over more than three decades working in engineering projects, grant us the dependability required for the compliance with the terms, timing and objectives agreed with our client.

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More than 35 years offering Reliable solutions with high added value for our customers. Our management model allows us to develop solutions tailored to the needs of our clients, actively getting involved in every stage of product development.

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The Management Systems department is responsible for monitoring compliance with all standards of workmanship and customer requirements, besides providing technical assistance after sales, testing and commissioning until customer satisfaction is accomplished.

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Outstanding works. Our most important works.

Institutional information. Learn TYCSA from within.

TYC S.A. was set up in 1977 with the purpose of providing solutions to the different manufacturing sectors through engineering, production, logistics, and on-site assembling and commissioning of systems and equipment.

TYC S.A.´s facilities are located in Esteban Echeverría´s district, Province of Buenos Aires, in a surface of 10.000 m², fully equipped View more