Design, engineering, equipment fabrication & special machines


Constant desire to excel

TYC S.A. is a company with a strong quality and excellence, driven by a constant search for new and better ways to achieve results.

We believe that creativity in engineering and design are the drivers of our business, which is why the Engineering Department resorts to the application of productive and innovative organizational schemes in order to ensure the completion of projects in due time and proper form. They are complemented by constant training and development of our staff, in order to achieve high-value solutions for customers.

We are able to offer:
- Feasibility studies
- Technology Selection
- Basic and constructive engineering
- Technical assistance in field and commissioning

TYC S.A.´s staff is comprised by highly qualified and specialized engineers and technicians who, together with the use of cutting-edge tools in calculations and effective management at all stages of design, allow to reach high standards of efficiency and effectiveness in the obtained products.

The experience gained over more than three decades working in engineering projects, grant us the dependability required for the compliance with the terms, timing and objectives agreed with our client.