Design, engineering, equipment fabrication & special machines



The Beginnings (Period 1977-1987)

TYC SA started its activities in 1977 under the name Integral Engineering SA and then took the current name in order to design, build teams and execute projects for the industry in general. The first facilities were installed in Banfield, then moved permanently to its present premises in the town “9 de Abril”, Esteban Echeverría district.

In the early years, the company managed to successfully insert in the domestic market, moving into areas far exceeding its initial activities, but due to its high capacity and power of adaptation, it obtained very good results. Thus satisfying Steel, Frigorific and Nuclear companies, providing fluid communication channels and high quality products.

Expansion (Period 1987-1997)

Early in this period, thanks to its progressive consolidation and diversification, the company managed to face and overcome difficulties arising from the international oil crisis and the changing conditions of the domestic market.

Along with special endeavors such as nuclear energy, the company retains its growing participation in traditional areas of work, as was the manufacture, supply and installation of equipment for the oil and gas industries, developing throughout this period works of greater scale all over the country.

It was necessary to carry out two major changes in the organization. The first was linked to the installation of the company in the town “9de Abril”. The decision was based on the growing needs to increase both the capacity of their workshops and the incorporation of new equipment; allowing the production of larger and more complex equipment.

The second milestone was the consolidation of the company to changing domestic market conditions, hiring qualified professionals to carry out larger, more complex projects of greater economic valuation.

The constant search for improvement and the ability to position ourselves as one of the leading companies in the manufacturing sector, supply and installation of equipment for the oil and gas industries, helped us to carry out works such as the largest pipe spooling produced in the country, for the site of “Loma de la Lata”.

Industrialization (1997-2007)

During the period 1997-2007, TYC SA fortified its image as a referent in the field of provision of equipment for the category of Oil and Gas Market. developing engineering and commissioning of equipment, creating a bond of trust with major customers worldwide.

Creating a flexible company, able to adapt to the different needs and strategies, required having a high percentage of professionals from various disciplines that provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary view in order to solve each of the problems, addressing them as a challenge and an opportunity for growth.

Understanding that knowledge is capital in business growth, TYC SA has generated throughout its history various agreements with industrial schools and universities. TYC SA Training Department, led by a member of the Academy of Engineering, did research and published a large number of papers that were presented in various academic fields’ congresses.

During this period the company certified with ASME stamp manufacturing and assembling equipment and under the ISO 9001 quality management system standards. This recognition implies that the company meets the highest quality standards in the industry.

Internationalization (2007 - Present)

Over 35 years of excellence in the provision of equipment and services for the industry showed when we were honoured by the Argentine Industrial Union with the 2008 Carlos Pellegrini Award granted to companies with biggest investment in human resources.

Today TYC SA has customers throughout the region, betting on growth and development, respecting the values ​​and principles, which led us to the present.

This process of change was accompanied by a series of major investments that allowed, on one hand, to expand and modernize the operational capacity, and on the other, to improve working conditions and service to all its staff members, key players in this history.