Design, engineering, equipment fabrication & special machines


Reliable and high-value solutions for our clients.

The Management Systems department is responsible for monitoring compliance with all standards of workmanship and customer requirements, besides providing technical assistance after sales, testing and commissioning until customer satisfaction is accomplished.

The quality of our products and services, prevention of accidents and environmental impacts are part of our reason for being and this is reflected in our values ​​and principles, as in each of the activities initiated from the company. With the clear intention to be a leading company in innovation, excellence and quality.

To meet the challenges of today and the future, TYC SA intelligently play their strengths increased by:

- Adding a specialized Professional Staff;
- Expansion of production capacity;
- Implementation and certification of a Quality System under ISO 9001-2015 standards;
- Getting Constructive International Certifications

The following are some of the services offered by TYC SA:

- Welding Inspections
- Welding Engineering
- Quality Control Auditing
- Welding Certifications
- Pressure Vessels Inspection
- Helium Test by Sniffer
- Induction Heat Treatment
- Hydraulic Tests up to 2000 kg/cm2